Serbia: Belgrade

Kevin is currently signed with Partizan in Belgrade, Serbia. This time around I was able to visit him for way longer. I’ve been in Belgrade for almost two months now, so one more month to go. Legally, I have to leave after 90 days because I don’t have a visa. I know other WAGS that may push it to the limit and stay past, but when people start throwing around the words “fines, customs, and detainment” I don’t think twice about jumping back on the plane when I legally should, haha. However, next year we will be more prepared with my visa.


Kevin in his natural habitat photo via Emilija Jovanovic

Besides a few rough spots in the beginning, Belgrade has been quite enjoyable. It is the capital of Serbia with a population of about 1.7 million people. So, no we are not in the woods or some deserted land as our families might think, haha. We run across a little language barrier from time to time in smaller shops or local cuisine restaurants, but for the most part everything and everyone is pretty “Americanized” in our eyes. I must say that Europeans sure do know how to dress. Women here value their appearance, and I have yet to run into anyone without their hair or makeup done up. It definitely keeps me on my toes. The men are also very fashionable here, but that doesn’t stop Kevin from wearing sweatpants and a hoodie on a daily basis. I guess since he is an athlete he can get away with it for now (just wait till you have a big boy job after basketball, babe).


For those of you who don’t personally know us, we love food. The food in Belgrade is definitely something to brag about. It is like a melting pot of so many different European cuisines. There are thousands of restaurants in the city and only two of us. We try to pick random restaurants each week to visit. So far we have not been disappointed. Kevin tends to stay more towards the traditional italian and barbecue restaurants, whereas I like to explore the local. Thanks to my new friend Ivana (his teammate’s wife), she has introduced me to a few new serbian restaurants and dishes. My favorite serbian goodie has to be the Burek with meat and cheese. It’s so good that I got a recipe so I can make it at home.

Enough about food, as for basketball there is only one word to describe my experience, CRAZY! The fans here are amazing! Some of you have seen my posts on snapchat or Facebook so you know what I am talking about. Partizan has some of the best fans in the world. They are so proud of their team and traditions that you can feel the energy as soon as you step foot into the arena. The fans and people of Partizan have been so welcoming to Kevin. I’m beyond happy I was able to experience an environment as wild as this one.


Partizan vs. Redstar photo via Ville Vuorinen


Partizan stands during Redstar game photo via Ville Vuorinen

I can’t wait to spend another month here, making new memories along the way.

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