Macedonia: Skopje


Venturing out into another part of the Balkans…Macedonia.  Ivana invited me to go on a road trip to see our guys play in Skopje.  One of her friends went with us, too.  It was about 5.5 hours away from Belgrade, so we packed up and hit the road the night before the game.

Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia.  It lies in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula.  It’s population is around 550 thousand people, about 3x smaller than Belgrade.

We left early in the afternoon, so we arrived around 8pm, when the guys were still in practice.  Ivana and her husband were friends with a guy from the opposing team, so we met with him to show us where we were staying.  It got interesting because I found out that we were staying in a hostel. The first thing that came to mind was the horror movie called “Hostel”, haha.  I was a little nervous about staying there, but Ivana assured me it would be fine, because we were only staying one night.  It was so cheap! Less than $10 a person.  No wonder why people choose this option.  Once we got to our hostel, I noticed it was tidy and clean, so I could breathe a little.

After we unpacked, we quickly freshened up to go meet with the guys at their hotel.  They were staying at Hotel Russia.  It was funny because I kept posting pictures on snapchat and my mom thought I was actually in Russia, haha.  Anyways, we picked up the guys and headed to this little cafe to hang out for a bit before they had to go back to the hotel before curfew.  I noticed that since I have been overseas, my tea intake has skyrocketed.  I feel weird just ordering water all the time. After our little outing, we dropped them back off and headed back to the hostel. Once we got there, the wifi wasn’t working so we had no internet the whole night.  Nothing like being stuck in a different country with no internet and no tv, at least I had good company, haha.

The next morning we went exploring a little bit before the game, so we went to the city center.  I was told that a massive remodeling was happening to attract tourists.  The city center was absolutely beautiful! I wish we had more time to venture around, but it was game day so we had to make it quick.




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