France: Cholet & Paris

Last year, Kevin signed for a team in Cholet, France.  I was finishing up my last semester at WVU, so I wasn’t able to go for the entire term of his contract.  Thankfully, I was able to visit during my spring break. Ahhhh, the perks of college.  I spent about nine days with him, but it felt like it went by so fast.  


Kevin playing for Cholet in the red and white

During my stay I met two WAGS, Sasha and Alex.  Sasha was the wife of one of Kevin’s American teammates and Alex was engaged to his teammate from Canada.  You already know once women get together, EVERYONE gets together.  We had home cooked “family” meals with our guys and other teammates, dinner outings, and I was able to see a home basketball game.  Cholet was a little town, so there wasn’t much to do for entertainment.  Sasha and I would go running through a park that was near by and on rainy days we took the workout inside her apartment. She is a go getter!


View from our balcony in Cholet


Eiffel Tower during the day

Since there wasn’t much to do in Cholet, Alex and her Fiancé took a trip with Kevin and I to Paris.  It was a three-hour drive from where we stayed in Cholet, but it was definitely worth it!  We planned on meeting up with two other couples Kevin and I were friends with from back home.  The guys were two of Kevin’s old teammates from college at West Virginia.  They were all playing on different teams in France.  It was so nice to bring everyone to one place and experience Paris together. I wish we had a few days to spend there, because I hardly took any pictures before my phone died and we didn’t really have time to go visit any famous landmarks besides the Eiffel Tower.  It was a rushed trip, but I am still so happy we were able to go. I’ll remember it forever.


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